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In Cold Blood , by Truman Capote. Satanic Verses , by Salman Rushdie. Sophie's Choice , by William Styron. Sons and Lovers , by D. Cat's Cradle , by Kurt Vonnegut. A Separate Peace , by John Knowles. Naked Lunch , by William S. Women in Love , by DH Lawrence. The Naked and the Dead , by Norman Mailer. Tropic of Cancer , by Henry Miller. An American Tragedy , by Theodore Dreiser.

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Rabbit, Run , by John Updike. Skip to main content. Removed from the Selinsgrove, PA suggested reading list Removed from the required reading list in Middleville, MI Challenged at the St. Johns County Schools in St. A parent objected to the use of the 'F' word. A student objected to the novel's profanity and sexual references. The novel was retained. Banned in Morris, Manitoba, Canada My son is being raised in a Christian home and this book takes the Lord's name in vain and has all kinds of profanity in it.

Removed from the St. Students may request and borrow the book with parental approval. Ulysses , by James Joyce Burned in the U. Beloved , by Toni Morrison Challenged at the St. A citizen group, the Black United, Inc. District Court in Minarcini v. Strongsville City School District.

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Burned in Nazi bonfires in Germany Banned in Ireland Removed from the high school English reading list in St. Banned from the St. A decision in the case—Fogarty v. W 2d 90 Banned in East Germany as inimical to communism. Eyre and Strahan, , II , no. Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity, 26 , William Pickering, , II, pl. Bagster and Sons, , p.


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The Limbourgs and Their Contemporaries, 2 vols London: Thames and Hudson, I, pp. University of Maryland, , pp. Reno, 'Identification des autographes de Christine de Pizan', Scriptorium, 34 , A Reassessment', British Library Journal, 9 , Pontificial institute of Mediaeval Studies, , passim, pls , , 14, 17, , 22, 27, 30, 32, 35,36, 39, 41, 43, 47, 68,69, Ian Roberts, Pontefract Castle Wakefield: West Yorkshire Archaeology Service, , p. Mise en page et mise en texte du livre manuscrit, ed.

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