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The tension is tangible at times and the mystery and intrigue continue throughout each story as I tried to figure out on my own how everything fits together. Sep 01, Joe rated it really liked it Shelves: All readable in whatever order you want to read them in! The stories weave themselves around a lean mean woman with issues surviving on her own, a band of scavengers that has picked the wrong place to scavenge, a brilliant researcher with luck and integrity to spare, a thoroughly professional killer, and the Baugh-ridden infected plague victims reduced to the level of cannibalistic meth monkeys.

It's a great read, and one I hated to put down so that I c Four separate stories! It's a great read, and one I hated to put down so that I could go to work. I truly hope that Peter Clines will give us some more of the Junkie Quatrain. I'm definitely Jonesin' for more of this great story I am rather fond of Peter Clines other books, and this one was a bit disappointing by comparison, but it still was a good book.


It's a bit different in that it follow 3 different character's, but instead of doing like he did in ex-heroes, the characters whole story play out before going to the next character, and all these characters cross path with the others at some point, so you get details that you might have been curious about in the previous character's story. If felt that the end was lack I am rather fond of Peter Clines other books, and this one was a bit disappointing by comparison, but it still was a good book.

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If felt that the end was lacking, since it didn't feel like there was much of a finality to any of the stories. I usually don't read Zombie stories for one reason or another and this was my first. Have to say I loved it. I really LIKE the way the stories were written and how you had the same characters, but varying views of each that intersected each short story kind of making it into a into a "book'.

Apr 08, Gwen Morris rated it it was amazing. Peter clines has definitely become one of my favorite authors. May 24, Julie rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I love how the stories are independent but inter-related. I picked this because of the narrators, but I also have 4 other Clines books his Ex-Heroes series in my To be Listened files. If this is a glimpse into his standard of writing, I'll really enjoy those.

Apr 23, Ian James rated it really liked it. May 11, Linda rated it really liked it. These short stories are one story told from 4 points of view. Well written, and believable, the author left me wanting to know what would happen to the characters. Apr 19, Dave rated it liked it. Quick introduction to Peter Clines' Zombie apocalypse. Very interesting spin, I'm going to add Exheros to my Want to read section!

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Sep 28, Paula rated it really liked it Shelves: I want to know what happens? How does it end?

Dec 07, Matt rated it it was ok. Clines is a real enigma for me. He writes books like 14 and The Fold which I really enjoy, but then he has this whole Ex-Heroes series which I find is a good premise but ultimately extremely mediocre. Unfortunately The Junkie Quatrain falls into the latter category. Four extremely short post-apocalyptic stories that are lightly connected to each other and even repeat some of the same events from a different point of view.

Short stories are not the ideal format for world building or character d Clines is a real enigma for me.

Short stories are not the ideal format for world building or character development but things are so thin here it felt like I was reading a script for a low budget show on the CW. I thought the first story was the best by far and I wouldnt have minded more of it.

I'm not done with Clines for sure, I think I just need to do a better job of evaluating his book before I pick it up. Nov 18, Amber rated it it was amazing. An Audible special, and I am so glad I got on this train. Also because these four stories, from the POV of four distinct characters, lets you experience the same event from another angle.

You get to know the backstory and personality of one character that was only seen in passing in another story. I usually only listen to Audible while I'm driving. But t An Audible special, and I am so glad I got on this train. But this one had me playing it at home - I wanted to see what happened next that bad. Mar 24, Bjorn rated it it was ok. It was okay and kinda fun, but I hated the way the women were described. You know that meme about male writers writing women that basically makes fun of the way male writers focus on their female characters' breasts, butts, etc.

Yeah, this was chock full of that kind of thing. It's just not my cup of tea.

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May 26, Mihir rated it really liked it. Permuted Press had recently concluded a deal with Audible and invited Peter to write a few short which were to be included as bonus content. Peter agreed and set out to write four loosely connected stories that would resonate with the reader or listener in this case. The stories can be read in the order they appear or as he suggests in the introduction, to read them after shuffling dice to determine the order of reading. She is trying to be tough as she searches for what she wants.

The story is centered on Dr. Sam Clemens who gets pulled from his residency in Seattle and is dropped into Los Angeles for an emergency meeting. The end of the world because of the rise of the junkies has thrown a spanner in his schedule however Quilt has managed to adjust his perspective and yet remain a prized asset for the people who wish to hire his services. He however finds out that some things go beyond professionalism and he has to decide how much of a professional he will be. These four stories are set in the same geographical region circa Los Angeles and occur nearly in the same time duration of roughly two days , the sequence however is different and will be apparent to the readers once they read them however the sequential timeline is third, first, second and fourth.

I believe this order will be most helpful for the reader to glean most of the actual happening of the overall saga. These stories follow a Rashomon-like pattern of being connected to each to other; the characters are what bring the stories alive. Each story deals with a set of characters that shine in their stories and draw the reader in.

The author does his absolute best with characterization and like his debut series; this makes the story that much more special. The reader feels encompassed in a dying world, which is similar to the world introduced in the Ex-Heroes trilogy but this one is a world of normal humans who have to do extra ordinary things to simply survive. Hitler The Junkie Monday Theodor Morell Dr Theodor Morell was known for his unorthodox medical methods that treated patients of elite status from around the word. But what was his motive in seeking Hitler as his next and final patient?

But the true meth junkie was Hitler for a condition not many knew about. Pharmacists today question this decision as these drugs were commonly used as tranquilizers on pets. Follow Video Hitler's Drug Addiction Hitler's medical records show his increasing substance abuse of weird and hardcore drugs prescribed by an unorthodox personal physician, Dr Morell.

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His methods were so strange, he used bull semen extract as a testosterone boost as one example. His survival not only created a very paranoid Hitler but a drug-induced Hitler as he increased the dosage across all his medications. This would have explained his dependence on his personal physician Dr Theodore Morell to prescribe him a concoction of drugs. Album - Billboard North America. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Solitary Man American IV: Patriot 16 Biggest Hits: The Johnny Cash Show.

The Autobiography Johnny Cash! Retrieved from " https: