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The three witches and the research assistant started out on their route. Each candle symbolised one of the seven gates to the land of the dead. When the witches passed one, they put down a piece of jewellery.

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The witches finally arrived at a ritual site, where a large black pentagram has been painted on the forest floor. They started dancing to the beat of drums and howling at the moon. When the intoxicating ritual was finished, they covered their naked bodies and walked back to the cottage. That is also why they are naked during the Mabon ritual.

Denmark's Sankt Hans Aften explained: Witches and rain - The Local

Steno says that when witches are naked, they feel a stronger connection with nature. Instead, they become part of nature and a spiritual community. In this way, they distance themselves from certain elements in modern society: Danish witches are not part of an actual organisation.

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Either they are gathered in smaller witch-circles, or they perform their craft on their own. Witches who wish to communicate with like-minded people, they visit websites such as Hedninge. The witches believe that magic can have great consequences for their own life as well as the lives of others. In the Middle Ages, it was commonly believed that there was black magic and white magic.

Black magic was used to do dark deeds like summoning sickness or death.

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  6. White magic was used to do good, like healing the sick. The witch religion Wicca originated in the UK. According to the founder of the religion, Gerald Gardner, it is based on witch-rituals that date back thousands of years. Some Danish witches are Wiccans, but most are inspired by Shaman-rituals and nature religions or Norse mythology. They talk about how magic is always a grey area. Even though a witch is trying to do something positive, it can easily lead to something negative. One witch has told a story about how she performed a ritual for a friend. The purpose was to bring her luck at a job interview.

    The friend got the job. Even though this was good news for her, it was bad news for all the applicants who were not offered jobs.

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    Stories like that serve as moral guidelines. This Wednesday night 23 June is St. This means burning an effigy of a witch on a bonfire. Every year since the time of the Vikings, St.

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    Hans Eve has been celebrated. The main events at that time were visiting healing water wells and making a large bonfire to ward away evil spirits. Nowadays, there are no healing water wells left to visit. Gather your friends to celebrate that on St. Nowadays a fake witch made of straw and cloth is burned on the bonfire.

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    The witch is a reference to the witch-burning craze of the 16thth century, which was particularly bad in Denmark. Here the witches gather and have their own party. All this means that this Wednesday 23 June, you should find a bonfire to stand by, sing along, and enjoy the barbeque the old Viking way. This is the big multicultural event for St. Choose your barbeque to be halal, haram, or vegetarian.

    The programme starts at Need to know more? This tour is conducted in English. These tours are originally in Danish, but you can book them as a private tour in English, if you contact Copenhagen Weirdwalks in advance. The advertised tours are open to all, but you must remember to sign up beforehand. Duration, price and meeting place can be found under the description of each tour. Payment must be made in cash at the meeting point, before the tour commences.